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The Oyster World Rally

The Oyster World Rally stands out as one of the foremost interoceanic yacht events globally, and Panama has emerged as a favored destination for this prestigious gathering.


A total of twenty-one sailboats from diverse nationalities recently graced the scenic San Blas Islands before making their way to Shelter Bay Marina in Colón, strategically located at the entrance of the Panama Canal. Here, the yachts patiently awaited transit.


This year presented unique challenges due to El Niño and lower water levels in Gatun Lake, prompting the Panama Canal to exert extraordinary efforts. In a bid to mitigate potential delays, a meticulous scheduling process was implemented, grouping the 21 boats into smaller transit windows over a two-week period.


Upon reaching the Pacific side of Panama, these vessels will dock at various marinas, with some choosing to explore the enchanting Panama Pearl Islands before continuing their maritime journey to the awe-inspiring Galapagos Islands in Ecuador.

Throughout their stay in the captivating San Blas Islands and Shelter Bay Marina, sailors engaged in diverse activities, providing them with a rich immersion into Panamanian culture and folklore.


Russ Goedjen, President of the Nautical Tourism Association, fervently advocates for Panama's ascent as a premier international destination for nautical tourism. In a recent interview, he expressed Panama's commitment to attracting international sailboats, aiming to bolster the tourist offerings and boost income for local businesses in the sector. Emphasizing Panama's appeal with its robust infrastructure, hurricane-free status, and a plethora of high-quality tourist services, Goedjen stressed the importance of continued promotion of the growing nautical industry through events like the X World Rally.


ASA, through its specialized yachts division AYS, proudly aligns with this vision, serving as a long-time supporter of the Oyster World Rally. The organization is honored to contribute to the Oyster Rally's seamless Panama Canal transit arrangements, further cementing Panama's position on the global nautical tourism map.



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